In January, 2011 my wife, Barb, & I contacted Steve through the Internet from Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo.  We told him we were interested in looking at real estate in the Merida and Progreso area.  We also told him that we were curious about the area, had never been there before and we may not buy.  We told him what  type of home we were looking for and the price range.


Steve showed up at our hotel on time and took the entire day showing us all he had in Merida and Progreso in our price range.  The last place he showed us in Progreso, we bought, and are still there and absolutely love it.


Barb & I were so impressed with the way he dealt with us that we took him and his then partner out to dinner to show our appreciation.


I have since recommended Steve to anyone who is looking for real estate in this area.  An acquaintance of mine in Vancouver flew down here recently just to check out real estate and Steve showed her and her husband around.  I asked how her experience with Steve was and her response was that he took the time and effort to show homes even though they may not buy.  Isn't that the case with any client.


I have nothing but the highest admiration for Steve and the service he offers his clients, buyers or not.


Wayne and Barb Harris Formally from British Columbia, Canada

Dear Real Estate Public:

I am writing to you in order to tell my experience working with Steve O’Malley of Mayan World Real Estate

A few months ago we sold a house trough Mayan World Real Estate and Steve O Malley, we were contacted on the phone by Mayan World Real Estate telling us that some of their clients were interested in buying our house in Merida centro. We met at the property and the buyers from Canada seemed to like the house.  (On the website)  there was an explanationand description of the house in a way that I could have not written better myself, the house was explained in detail to perfection.) We had a second meeting with the clients who were very happy with both, the quality of the house and the smooth way of the negotiation, I was also very glad and impressed on how Steve managed the situation and helped to solve any issue in the process.

I remember my partner was a bit uncomfortable in the way the client was going to pay directly to Steve O Malley instead of us, and after signing the papers only then we were going to receive our payment, well we decided to trust Steve who did not let us down, our payment was made complete on the day he said. After this we have developed a trust in Steve as our main realtor as we are in the process of selling our second house, I feel in good hands as Steve has proved to be a man of principles, I feel the next sell will be as smooth and clear as the first one.

For the above reasons I want to recommend Steve O Malley and his company Mayan World Real Estate people with principles and professional behaviour where things are presented to both buyer and seller in a transparent and clear way.


Miguel Puig Architect in Merida, London & Tokyo Japan

From: Lisa Willemsen


Testimonial of Steve O'Malley


Steve is straight up..sincere..caring person who really is happy at heart and doing what he love’s..and doing it well. Selling homes and doing his best..what more can people ask for….in a Realtor.


Lisa Willemsen, Merida Mexico

Gary from Celestun


I have had Steve sell one of my properties in Merida and he did a great job, i was happy with what i got for home and i spoke with the new owners a few months after the sale and they were happy with what they bought as well as the agent Steve O’Malley.  I was in real-estate for 20 years in Alberta, Canada and was very successful. If you want a non bias assessment of his work from a seasoned Real Estate agent contact me. Cell 999 174 2400


Gary DeSpiegelaere
Celestun, Yucatan Mexico

In my opinion, if you are not on listing your Property with Mayan World Real Estate, you are limiting you chances of selling.


The  address  for the service is The man behind it is Steve O'Malley.  He (and his associates) have been working to get the Real Estate Profession established here in the Yucatan in spite of resistance from the existing real estate establishment that likes operating in the shadows and doing business as usual.


Steve is a fully licensed and registered real estate agents/brokers here from Canada and the USA I know who still have offices operating up north, and who still attend Continuing Education classes, etc. to maintain their up to date knowledge and licenses.  If you wanted to talk to him I am sure he would be happy to stop by and see you or maybe you could meet him at his office in Merida or San Bruno.


Stuart and Lynn. Chelem Yucatan Mexico

The best real estate company in this area. Thanks to Steve and Lily. Our dream has come true. Today we are the owners of a beautiful home on the beach in chuburna. They have been sooo much help, we can recommend to anyone and everyone. Thanks again to the great team at Mayan World.


Terri and Skip D’Alessio, Colorado USA

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience buying our new house in Progreso, Mexico with Steve of Mayan World Real Estate. We definitely recommend them to anyone who wishes to buy a home in this beautiful area of Mexico in the Yucatan


Bunty Desjardins and Guy Desjardins British Columbia Canada

In Late August 2013, my husband and I purchased a villa in Progreso. From looking at homes, signing the paperwork, meeting with the lawyer and handing the keys to us, Mayan World was there every step of the way. Steve was extremely professional, knowledgable and helpful. They truly made the purchase of the property a painless and enjoyable experience. I would recommend Mayan World for anyone wishing to purchase property in the Yucatan. They also give the best tourist advice!!


Jenny and Dennis Charron Ottawa Ontario, Canada